For this to work each step must be done in order.
As you progress a screen will pop up with the code being built.
When ended the complete code will appear at the bottom of this page.
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
More Options (You may skip some or all of these.)
Add a Horizontal Spacer (optional)
Additional Text if you wish in Italics Up to 250 characters. No pasting
Additional Text if you wish Normal Up to 250 characters. No pasting
Step 4: Press End Button

End (You must press end to complete the code.)

Test it!
Press End before testing!

Step 5: Select, copy and paste the code

Select all the code, copy it and paste it on your item description. (To do this, with curser in text box go to edit, do select all, do copy and do paste in description box of auction sell form. In most systems this is control a, control c, then over to auction page box and control v. )
Don´t mess around with the code unless you know what you are doing.