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It is highly recommended that you are very honest in the description of the items that you are listing. Selling under false pretenses only result in an unsatisfied customer that may give you negative feedback, send back the item and get you banned on this site..  We ENCOURAGE you to add as much information as possible to your listing. 

Be aware that by placing a bid on this auction may result in an increase of e-mail inquiring about your listing (s). It is suggested that you are prompt and complete in answering your e-mail regarding the listing (s) you have placed on this site for best results with your auction.

Should you not receive a bid or not sell feel free to re-post your listing.  items as often as you wish.

Auction is quoted in U.S. fund. Should you be a Canadian or from another country posting a listing, please state your listing is in U.S. fund.  Times posted on the auction is Eastern Standard Time.

Where possible please put in your description as close as you can what you originally paid for the item.



Listings Rates
Basic listings are FREE  - EXCEPT for the reasons below.
Should you use the special selling options and/or sell
Below is the selling rates for...


Special Selling Options (these are all optional fees - charged regardless if item is sold or not)
Attention Grabber $0.25
Highlighted Bold Listing FOR THE TIME BEING FREE!
Top Featured Auction $0.50
Category Featured Auction $0.25
* prices subject to change These charges are automatically charged to your account if used. The best way to pay is by PAY PAY. See link on other auction pages.


Selling Fees (charged only if item is sold)
Closing % Fee Price Charge 0.10%
* prices subject to change - These rates are automatically charged to your account only if the item is sold


LISTING PAYMENT (please read

Payment is to be made at the close of your auction. To view your up-to-date account, just click on he user area on the main page, fill in your user name and password, submit, and this will tale you to your account page (just scroll down a bit on this page). We do not get too excited on sellers owing auction fees under $4.00, you may keep a running "tab" till you reach that amount with your successful sales on the auction. We feel that magic people are generally very honest, therefore, this auction is conducted on an honor system for sending payment. Please make check or money order payable to "Magic USA" and send to address below.  

Magic USA
229   Willow Ave.
Olyphant, PA 

OR - We Also accept & prefer PayPal!!!  Account is -

We Suggest Using PayPal.
Pay me securely with your Visa or MasterCard through PayPal!
Certain restrictions apply to $5 offer.

magic tricks auction payments

*If our records show a failure to make payment, it will resort in the suspension of using the public places on web-site including this auction and


This is complete Step-by-Step Simple Instructions on how to place your listing
Registration is required to post an auction listing.


FIRST - Click on "Sell" on the main page of the auction, this will take you to a page where you will decide where your pictures are going to come from. Your options are...

 I am not using images  - No pictures in your auction listing. Please note that sales are more successful with photos!
 My images are at a web url  - This is the place to put the photo address for your picture. Once you have your picture uploaded on a web-site. (a) - Go to your web-page with the picture and right click on the picture with your mouse. A little box will pop-up and click on Properties. Write down on paper the exact Address (URL) or "Copy". (Netscape users, just right click and click on "Copy Image Location". (b) - In the box for "Image URL", type the exact address that you wrote down on paper or "Paste". The address should look something like this - . - Note: GeoCities, XOOM, Angelfire and Tripod and some other web-pages do not allow pictures on other sites!
 I want to upload my images from my hard drive  - It is very simple to get your photos added to your listings. Simple instructions on how to upload pictures to out server. There is a $.25 per picture after the first 3 free ones, automatically charged to your account if used. The pics however must be no larger than 30k which should not present any problems..


Post Items for Bid Form

Select Category: - Select the appropriate category. Please do not place items where they should not be. 

Title/Item Name: - This is where you place the title of your auction. limited to 50 letters (including spaces). The title only uses letters or numerals (not odd *&%$#@< characters. Your listing may not go through if using these characters).

Attention Grabber $0..25 Fee if used - optional - placed in front of your title on the sub-category listings page to grab attention to your listing.

Highlighted Bold Listing: FOR THE TIME BEING...FREE! Fee if used - optional - adds bold text and highlight to your item title on the sub-category listings page to grab attention to your listing.

TOP Featured Auction: > Now is the Post to Feature Gallery!! $0.25 Fee if used - optional - add the first picture you uploaded or placed a photo url on the special Feature Gallery. The Feature Gallery has a link on the main auction page that directs visitors to it..

Category Featured Auction: - $0.25 Fee if used - optional - Your listing will remain at or near the top of the sub-category page listed as "Featured Auction"

Multi Item Auction: - To be used only if you have many of the same item which will sell at a fixed rate only. (can't use the "reserve" option with this type of listing). Buyers purchase your items at a fixed rate. Once all items are purchased, the auction ends.

Quantity: - The number of items you have up for grabs in your "Multi Item Auction.

Image URL: - Please see above on what to put here!!

Days Until Close: 1-14 - it is suggested you put 14 in this box when selling. This auction gets new visitors daily!

Relist until sold: no charge option which will re-list your item till sold.

Payment Terms: (Select One) - It is also suggested you place your payment terms in your item description.

Shipping Terms (Select One) - It is also suggested you place your shipping terms in your item description.

Item Condition (Select One) - Always be honest with the condition of your items to prevent dissatisfied customers.

Description: - this box is for the complete description about your item. Just fill in the box as if you are writing a paragraph about your item, simple as that!  Suggestions. should include: age, condition, price you paid, possible guarantees, shipping arrangements, location, phone number and anything else you can think of. & Supply should include complete description, guarantees, exact condition of the item, shipping charges, phone number and anything else you can think of. 
- Some of the listings on the auction are HTML enhanced by professional web-site designers with clickable links, different size fonts in color, extra photos, colored background and so on. Your basic listing is not HTML enhanced. It is a simple listing with a photo(s) and the description you write out. This auction is set-up so anyone can place an auction with ease without getting fancy with complicated HTML.

Your Username: - Fill in and pay special attention to be exact! There are no spaces in the name or before & after the name.

Your Password: - Fill in and pay special attention to be exact! There are no spaces in the password or before & after the password.

Your Starting Bid: (each if Multi Item) - This is the amount of where you wish to start your auction at. If you are not using the "reserve" option, place the least amount you will accept. ALL auction prices is in U.S. fund. If you have a Multi Item Auction, place the fixed price you want for each item.

Reserve Price: (enter 0 if Multi Item) - optional - This option allows you to start your item at a low starting bid. Should your auction end with a bid that did not exceed your "reserve", you are not obligated to sell. It is stated in your auction listing if your "reserve" has been met or not met. See enter 0 if multi item) - You may choose what bid increments you want for your auction. ALL auction prices is in U.S. funds. - Can't be used with the Multi Item Auction.

After all the above is done...
NOW... Click on the  Submit  button.

When you get to the preview screen, PLEASE LOOK YOUR LISTING VERY CAREFULLY. This will be your last chance to make any changes to your listing. Should you need to make any corrections, click on the "Back" button on your web-browser. Make the necessary changes (must add your password again) and click on  Submit  button again. Your may do this as many times you need to get your listing correct. 

When you are completely satisfied with your listing, click on the  Post My Auction  button. Please remember, once you click on the  Post My Auction  button, and a bid has been placed for your item, you are being placed in a binding contract with the potential buyer. Should you not abide by auction rules, it can result in your name being published as negative feedback on your FeedBack rating and/or be suspended from further use of this auction. Please see TERMS and AUCTION POLICY & Frequently Asked Questions for more explanation. 

Edit or Delete Auctions

Auctions can be edited or deleted providing there is no bids placed on the auction. Please remember if you delete your auction, you will still be charged for the extra features of the auction if you used them.  If you make a mistake, it is always best to edit your auction rather then delete it.

Auction Categories

Feel free to suggest a category!!
or if you have lots to sell... we will make your very own 
special category just for you!!! At no extra cost!


Leaving FeedBack
Take some time and Rate A User by clicking on the link below. Place the username of the buyer/seller you have dealt with through L'il Beginnings Auction in the top box (name must be exact). Click on "Positive", "Neutral", or "Negative". Place your short comment in the large box and fill in your Username and Password. Click on "Submit". L'il Beginnings does not take responsibility for the comments you post or comments that are posted in your name. You should be careful about making comments that could be libelous or slanderous.  Please try to resolve any disputes with the other party before publicly declaring a complaint. Better yet, e-mail us first with your complaint before you post. Many times they can be resolved quickly after we check into the matter.

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